The MAS meets four times per year. Meetings are scheduled for the first Saturday in February, May, August and November, starting at 1pm and are held at the Cooma Trout Acclimatisation Association’s “Bidgee Lodge”.

An MAS meeting (11K)

A meeting gets underway

The February meeting is also the Annual General Meeting for the election of officer bearers and the Stocking Allocation Meeting where branch allocations for stocking are determined.

Government Policy

The MAS is actively involved in monitoring and contributing to any government policy that affects fish or their environment in our region. In the last few years we have made submissions to modify or change federal, state and local government policies that affect our activity. Representatives of the MAS have appeared at a number of government inquiries where we have defended angler interests against further restrictions.

Fishing Rules and Regulations

Every five years the MAS meets with NSW Fisheries as part of the NSW Fisheries Rules and Regulations Review process. As a valued stakeholder the MAS is afforded an opportunity to influence any rule changes that may be needed or are being contemplated by NSW Fisheries. As part of this process we also make formal and informal rule requests from time to time as required.


The MAS plays a key role in the annual stocking of fish in our waters. To achieve optimal results the process for determining stocking rates and locations is conducted in four phases.

Phase 1

Each sub-branch makes a determination of the locations that will benefit from stocking and the number of fish required. This information is forwarded to the MAS Stocking Officer.

Trout fingerlings for release.

A bin of fingerlings ready for release

Phase 2

At the MAS Annual General Meeting all of the sub-branch requests are analysed to determine the suitability of the request, compliance with the Environmental Statement, and capacity for the Gaden Trout Hatchery to meet the demand.

Phase 3

The Stocking Officer and President of the MAS attend the NSW Fisheries Trout Allocation Committee Meeting where stocking requests for the entire state of NSW are discussed to ensure compliance with the Environmental Statement and capacity for Gaden and Dutton Hatcheries to meet the demand.

Phase 4

Revised stocking numbers and locations are returned to the sub-branches notifying them of their official allocation for the coming year.

This link will take you to the NSW Fisheries map of stocking locations.